Social media packages

Social Media is constantly changing. Month to month, what was once working for your business, is suddenly completely different.

This is actually what I LOVE about social media. There is always something new to try out! EMPIRE is a social media agency that understands it’s not just about automating an update and that’s it.

What works for one brand, even in the same industry, may not work for another. You have to keep your eyes on those analytics, pay attention to your engagement stats daily, and try new things. Think of social media like a marathon, not a sprint.

Even just tracking your analytics isn’t enough these days… are you LISTENING to your audience?

If social media isn’t your vibe, or more likely, you’re too busy actually building your business – let me take care of it!

Build your brand, establish trust and encourage engagement. 

All packages include:

  • Setup of Social Accounts
  • Social Media Content
  • Social Media Ads
  • Setup of brand new social media accounts. 
  • Creating, scheduling, monitoring and analytics.
  • Social Media Ads setup using your analytics so they are targeted to get the best results.


2500 / month
  • FB & Instagram – 5 posts per week
  • Monthly Report

Grow It

3500 / month
  • FB & Instagram
  • Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Monthly Report


5500 / month
  • FB & Instagram - 5 posts each per week
  • Twitter & LinkedIn - 5 posts per week
  • Google My Business - 5 posts per week
  • 2 x Blog Posts per month
  • Monthly Report